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PENS Device

PENS Programmable, Class II Medical Device.

FDA cleared in 2018 for the treatment of chronic pain, typically associated with individuals suffering from chronic pain.

Four strategically positioned, 2mm titanium needle electrode arrays implanted directly into the nerve endings on the ear, based on the patient's diagnosis.

PENS is worn for 10-12 days with potential results offering up to 6 months of chronic pain relief.

Office based procedure.

Our Service

Predetermination / Preauthorization and billing process is facilitated by ES to mitigate denials.

Billing Manager assigned to each facility.

On site, one on one training provided by ES team.

Remits post directly to facility.

No up-front costs to the medical provider/medical facility.


In-office, surgical procedure; four titanium needle electrode arrays implanted under the skin. Must be performed by a MD, DO, PA, NP or CRNA.

*Specific states only allow implantation to be performed by MD or DO.

Covered by Medicare, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury and most commercial plans.

Predetermination / preauthorization required by commercial insurance.

ES Portal updates the status of each preauthorization / predetermination and claim.